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Ariana Marie


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There won’t be any controversy with this student-teacher relationship! Ariana Marie plays the role of the desperate for grades student in this Naughty Bookworms skit. Mark Wood gives her exactly what she needs to pass his class….a nice hard cock!

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My Time As Nia 1.1


It’s funny how sometimes when you look back in your past and remember all of the really crazy things you’ve done. When I was a “working girl”, I had plenty of close calls. I was lucky enough to have remained out of jail and the freaking hospital up until the day I stopped.

I remember there was this one time when my “driver” dropped me off at the location I was meeting the customer at. This was a new guy that my “driver” found and he didn’t speak a lick of English (cut to Harlem at night). So the driver is chatting with the guy, giving rates for times and bullshitting about my ethnicity (back then I was lighter and you couldn’t tell if I was some kind of Spanish mix or fully black). I follow the guy into his apartment and to the bedroom. When he closes the door there’s another dude in there who, of course, doesn’t speak English. Or so he claimed.

“You only paid for one guy” I informed him….I know he understood what the fuck I said because he shook his head and said “No, me and my friend.”

So of course I call my driver and let him know what’s going on. After the third time I called he answered. Like, what good is the guy if he doesn’t answer the phone? That’s the whole point of him being around, right? The point is I get him on the phone to talk to the guys.

“Tell that second dude to come outside and pay the rate” I was told. I asked what the rate was and he said not to fucking worry about it and have the guy come outside. I guess I wasn’t supposed to know what my real cut was from that little bid. Pimps, go figure.

The second guy finally comes back into the room and pulls  off his pants, motioning for me to suck him off. I reach over into my whore clutch (just a small purse to carry the essentials) and grab a condom. He of course pushes that away and says to just suck first. Frustrated now, I explain to the guy that everything done on the job includes condoms…even a simple blow job. A girl has to protect herself as much as she can in that line of work right? Well, some guys may not agree with that but that’s the way I did it. It protects all of us.

So foreplay and all of that aside, I was getting DPed and things were drying up. I wanted to get some lube but those guys were going strong and had my sandwiched. They were really going at it with me; one slapping my ass and the other pulling on my head, fucking my mouth like it was a cunt. Then they would switch, I wasn’t moving anywhere. Right when they came the bedroom door burst open.

This random woman (she was random to me because I obviously didn’t know those people) comes in and sees me in the middle of the two guys. They jump up and scramble for their pants.

All I had to do was adjust my tiny dress over my big tits…no one ever bothered to get me fully nude most of the time.

She’s screaming and pointing at me, coming all the way into the room. She started slapping at the second guy’s face and kept on screaming. I guess that was his girlfriend.

I try to causally inch out o f the room. Crazy woman tried to yank my shoulder but I was sweaty from just being fucked and she lost her grip. I ran the hell out of that place as fast as I could go! I didn’t even have my heels, just ran away barefoot.

Finally I hit the side walk and kept racing for the car. I hear the chick screaming but it seemed louder. She was at the front door trying to catch my “skinny at the time” ass. Something hit my ankle and I stopped and turned around. It was one of my shoes I’d left behind. The other soon followed. For some reason I laughed when I picked them up. she wasn’t coming after me anymore, just more screaming.

I got in the car and we drove off.

I felt something wet in between my legs and I reached down only to find gross gooey stuff running out of me. And something else that made it all click.

It was a piece of one of the condoms. It must have broken when I started drying up. Fuck.

Now, can you see how many different things could have happened to me? What if that second guy just forced me to fuck him anyways, and hurt me to do so? What if that woman had a knife on her and cut me up when I had my back to her? What if while all of that was going on the pimp drove away? I had no idea where I was that late at night, and I had been drinking. And finally, what if I had caught something as a result of the broken condom? Or worse gotten pregnant from it?

Looking back, I was one dumb whore…trusting blindly and making mistakes.

Bringing you the best and worst of me,

Ivy Bleu


Somethings We’ll Just Never Understand…

As you all know, from time to time I get on camming websites like Naked.com and the like. From time to time I get into my trolling mode and peek in to see what other girls are up to. Now, of course I’m mostly looking in on other black girls because they are my direct competition. It wouldn’t make too much sense to look in on a Latina chick or a white girl since they each cater to different niches.

So I’m browsing through the girls and I noticed something…. almost all of them either had their head cocked to the side with their mouths agape or had their asses in the air. Even worse is this trend of doing that dreadful fish-face pout. It’s gross ladies, faces don’t naturally do that so cut it the hell out.

Seriously, what’s wrong with taking a straight forward, friendly picture with a cute smile? This whole “Facebook pout” thing is horrendous and doesn’t even come close to being sexy. In fact, it makes girls seem like unapproachable cunts and the ones who make that damned face probably are.

To conclude, I ran through all of my pictures to make sure I wasn’t subconsciously doing the same thing and thanked the goddess there were none. Anyways, all you need for a sexy face pose for a picture is this:

  • Clean face with minimal make-up
  • Very slight head tilt, if any at all
  • Bright inviting smile
  • Those sexy, ‘come hither’ eyes that are anything but squinting. Seriously, don’t squint.

Of course you can do whatever the hell you want with your face, all I’m saying is it looks ridiculous and extremely unappealing, and it looks like you’re trying too hard. Just a hint, ya know?

Love Always,

Ivy Bleu












It’s The Best Kind


So Jimmy came back from filming degenerate whores at Facial Abuse the other night. We’re lying in bed, being lame and watching TV.  Yes, we do normal things like that; we’re not Neanderthals. Anyways, we’re in bed and I start talking about me getting gang banged and how it should be done and by who.

I wasn’t expecting Jimmy to join in on the conversation because he knows when I’m trying to work him up. He usually ignores me when I do that because that works me up. So when he did join in, I was totally excited.

We start making out and going through the stages of my favorite fantasy, it was awesome. I’m already totally turned on when Jimmy starts slapping me in the face (and we all know how much I love that).

He slaps me hard then starts kissing my neck. Now we don’t know Jimmy Hooligan to be gentle when it comes to sex, but oh my goddess, the mixture of rough slaps to the face and soft kisses on the neck, of course with a little choking, it was AMAZING!

If you haven’t tried mixing a little pain with pleasure with your girl (not punching her in the face of course, dumb asses) then I totally feel sorry for her. She has no idea what she’s missing.

Anyways, we’re going on like that, him slapping and kissing, me burning to be fucked or touched or anything that will get me off really. Then Jimmy starts calling me those filthy names that I love so much when I’m about to get rammed. I start to blow him until he starts face fucking me, still calling me those sexy names. The next thing I know I’m like cumming. Seriously, when he came on my tits that’s when I lost it. Without me being touched…down there. I didn’t even know that was possible for me, since it takes very special attentions to get me off. ; )

It was the best kind of sex I didn’t have. Awesomely amazing in every way.

Happy to keep you updated : )

Love Always,

Ivy Bleu

Updates To Come


I realized that I haven’t been posting on here as often as I said I would. I’ve been stuck doing long, stupid, boring days at my new, meaningless, boring job. Yet I know I still have an obligation to my, all be it small, but still devoted fan base. So I’ll be posting back here tonight telling you about my long, stupid and boring day and my sex fantasies, for those who even care about that.

Getting ready for work now so I’ll see you guys tonight on Naked.com

Be there or be square!

Love Always,

Ivy Bleu

And The HogFest Trophy Goes To…

Recently, Jimmy and I attended the Exxxotica Expo that was held in Atlantic City. It was god awful. Completely terrible in every way. The atmosphere wasn’t there, the lighting sucked and they served what tasted like tap water out of the weird little keg. On top of all that, the women in that city are more than hard to look at.  They squeezed their big shapeless bodies in spandex that was everything but flattering. So picture a whale wearing a corset and thongs….that’s better than what we saw at the convention.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not much in the eye candy department, but I also wear clothes that are suited to my age and body type. We went there to get pictures of hot or at least decent looking bimbets, and came home with about four pictures not worth sharing.

The odd thing is the other conventions that I’ve been to thus far have been awesome. They were fun, you could buy drinks and snacks and sit at tables. Apparently the people who fund Exxxotica deemed AC unworthy of putting any planning into. Then again, by the looks of the crowd there, can you really blame them?

What’s my point? If you want to go to one of the Exxxotica Expos, DO NOT waste your money going to the one in AC. Save up to go to ANY of the other ones; unless you are into gross creatures masquerading as human women.

Love Always,


Tonight I…


Tonight I did a live cam show on naked.com. It was full of gagging and spitting; you know, normal Ivy Bleu stuff. I’m hoping to have more of you join the fun tomorrow night :). My private shows are anything goes and will leave you satisfied. Yeah, that includes anal!

See you there,

Ivy Bleu

This is a Dream I had Last Night

So I had this amazing sex dream last night, I’m totally not making this up either.

I was in a hotel room with maybe six guys. I was on my knees and they were taking turns getting blown or feeling my tits and slapping them around. Right before the first guy was getting ready to lose his load, Jimmy Hooligan comes in and knock all of the guys out with a baseball bat. Then he walks over to me and says “you wanted to suck some cock you dirty little bitch?!” then he slaps me in the face really hard a few times. After he’s done slapping me he yanks my head back by the hair and shoves his cock down my throat. My eyes were tearing up and my air flow was limited, plus I’m gagging the whole time. It was so awesome.

Right before he was ready to pop, he takes it out of my mouth and completely covers my face in jizz, like omfg it was so so hot this dream. I even woke up horny and had to make myself cum before I got ready for work. I even called Jimmy and told him I was going to have a good day. If he reads this he’ll know why now :)

Figured I would share that with you all so there it is lol.

Love Always,

Ivy Bleu

Back Blogging Again :-)


So I haven’t blogged or tweeted or cammed in a while. Why? Well, I decided to go out and get a life. I found a job not worth doing, at least. As far as my social life goes… well it turns out I’m kind of a loser with no hobbies to speak of, so it fell short. Now, I’m coming back here to bitch and moan about the woes of the world.

Like most bloggers that coat the world with their sarcastic opinions and “I know more than you, that’s why I blog” attitude, I feel using the internet in this manner makes living a tad more worth while. HAHA.

Anyways, I’m back blogging again, hence the title, and I’ll be on twitter more (not sure who’s excited about that). I’ll even be online at naked.com, streamate.com, and maybe chaturbate.com. I’ll most likely be on naked.com so if you want to, you can see me on there.

With Love,
Ivy Bleu