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This is a Dream I had Last Night

So I had this amazing sex dream last night, I’m totally not making this up either.

I was in a hotel room with maybe six guys. I was on my knees and they were taking turns getting blown or feeling my tits and slapping them around. Right before the first guy was getting ready to lose his load, Jimmy Hooligan comes in and knock all of the guys out with a baseball bat. Then he walks over to me and says “you wanted to suck some cock you dirty little bitch?!” then he slaps me in the face really hard a few times. After he’s done slapping me he yanks my head back by the hair and shoves his cock down my throat. My eyes were tearing up and my air flow was limited, plus I’m gagging the whole time. It was so awesome.

Right before he was ready to pop, he takes it out of my mouth and completely covers my face in jizz, like omfg it was so so hot this dream. I even woke up horny and had to make myself cum before I got ready for work. I even called Jimmy and told him I was going to have a good day. If he reads this he’ll know why now :)

Figured I would share that with you all so there it is lol.

Love Always,

Ivy Bleu

Back Blogging Again :)

Picture 87

So I haven’t blogged or tweeted or cammed in a while. Why? Well, I decided to go out and get a life. I found a job not worth doing, at least. As far as my social life goes… well it turns out I’m kind of a loser with no hobbies to speak of, so it fell short. Now, I’m coming back here to bitch and moan about the woes of the world.

Like most bloggers that coat the world with their sarcastic opinions and “I know more than you, that’s why I blog” attitude, I feel using the internet in this manner makes living a tad more worth while. HAHA.

Anyways, I’m back blogging again, hence the title, and I’ll be on twitter more (not sure who’s excited about that). I’ll even be online at naked.com, streamate.com, and maybe chaturbate.com. I’ll most likely be on naked.com so if you want to, you can see me on there.

With Love,
Ivy Bleu