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Under Boob

One of my fans had these questions… What made you want to get into porn? When I was 18, I was a hooker. That lasted…

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Coreset and Questions

A fan asked these questions… What’s most adventurous thing you’ve every done? I sat for about ten minutes trying to think of an answer to…

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Who’s your Favorite?

A fan asked… Out of all your Sext Panther fans… who’s cum load would you want the most? That’s an impossible question to answer. I’ve…

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Talk Dirty to me

A fan asked… What is your favorite name to be called when you’re being fucked and used? I get off on being degraded during sex….

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A Fan Asked…

How do you feel about an all girl orgy? I’d imagine I’d feel really really good. ❤ I know I’m known for the things I…

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One of my friends on Sext Panther writes: Outside your wonderful “sexual talents”, when Ivy isn’t sharing her beautiful body and extracting cum… what do…

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