Under Boob

One of my fans had these questions…

What made you want to get into porn?

When I was 18, I was a hooker. That lasted until I was 19, which is when I got an offer to make a video. The director was nice to me and I liked the control that porn offered. Coincidently, that same director and I got involved and in a whirlwind, I quit hooking, moved in with him and here we are. It should also be noted that I’m still with that same director. As of this writing, it’s been 12 years now.

What do you like/dislike about the industry?

I should hote that I consider myself more in the “business” than the “industry”. I don’t mix it up with many people so my view on this may be askew. However, the things I like is that I don’t have to answer to a boss or clock in somewhere. The downside is that porn is always a target for the people and government. That, and the fact that there’s no real job security and you can age out of this quickly.

What could a fan do to get a chance to fuck you?

These days, it’s a lot more diccicult because that’s not a major part of my life. However, I always keep options only. In a nutshell… these are non-negotiable requirements: It will be filmed. and published. You will get a HIV & STD test. You will sign a legal document giving your consent to publish content forever. There’s more… but that’s the jist. On, and obviously, you must be 18.

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